The first question we are often asked is “What’s your style?”

And the answer is this is about you, not us! Our projects – your homes – are characterised by being a little ahead of the curve, fit for purpose, bespoke and perfect for you. Our interiors are not necessarily at the height of fashion (unless that’s your style), nor are they old fashioned.
But they’re always considered, cool and bring your vision to life.


and I created the Ministry of the Interior. What I see time and time again is clients struggling to manage their projects, to understand how to make their property look fabulous, to know where to get their content from, or how to get installations fitted.

I also see people feeling overwhelmed by the task in hand, confused over how to integrate their inside and outside spaces, and lost when it comes to running their own building project. Plus, people often feel frightened about whether it will all look at the end.

That’s where Ministry Of The Interior can help you. And trust me, it will look great!

We work with private clients and high end developers to turn visions into reality.
From small projects to large scale developments, we create spaces that meet the specific needs and personalities of our clients. I’m proud to say we were recent finalists in the Society of British and International Design (SBID) awards, the UK’s leading accrediting body for the interior design profession.


Which describes you best